5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Get a handle on better sleep NOW!

Getting a sufficient quality and quantity of sleep is the foundational pillar of mental health, and yet, according to researchers, sleep deprivation affects 1/3 of adult Americans. Sadly, there is no reason to think the statistics are any better for Canadian adults.

There are far too many health issues that are a direct result of sleep deprivation, which is why it is so important to improve our sleep. From cognitive impairments such as brain fog and memory problems, to feelings of fatigue and lack of energy, to serious medical conditions that can develop, it is critical to get a handle on better sleep NOW.

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I am a Registered Psychotherapist who works primarily with clients who have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  Many of them tell me that if only they had learned the strategies I teach them years ago, they could possibly have avoided that diagnosis. I have studied the field of neuroscience passionately for 40 years and am known for my ability to translate this knowledge into practical solutions for stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. My goal is to teach you how to achieve optimum mental health so that you can avoid needing therapy later.
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