If you dread speaking in public or giving presentations at work, and would like to discover the insider secrets professional speakers use to appear and sound confident...

If you have difficulty making your voice heard, and would like to command attention and respect when you speak…

If you would like to learn how to communicate with power in any situation, and make sure that the message you send is the one that is received…

"In all honesty - the content and pace were fantastic, probably the best training/seminar I have attended so far."

Amy Nela, Francis Taylor Foundation, East Sussex, U.K.

If you want to be sure that every document leaving your desk will be a positive reflection of you by being clear, concise and grammatically correct…

Diane Wolf, Canada's Communication Coach, specializes in teaching personal and professional communication skills, and will give you the tools and techniques you need to become a more confident and powerful communicator.

Diane is an award-winning international speaker and writer, who specializes in teaching personal and professional communication skills with a warm, interactive style and terrific sense of humour. Since 1982, Diane has designed and delivered keynote presentations, workshops and seminars in 6 different countries.

Diane makes "house-calls" by offering on-site seminars and workshops to corporate groups, as well as associations and community groups. To find out how to book Diane to speak to your group, click here.

In addition to speaking, Diane has written a number of articles and is one of the authors of the recently published Expert Women Who Speak...Speak Out!  To read some of Diane's articles, click here.

Diane leaves her audiences feeling encouraged, inspired and entertained by her energetic, enthusiastic manner and practical application of knowledge. To see what Diane's audiences have said about her, click here.

Diane has been teaching Communications at Trent University in Peterborough since 2004. As a university professor, she has worked with hundreds of students to help them learn to become compentent and dynamic communicators. She holds an MBA, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. She has taught at various levels including university, elementary school and adult education.

She is a voracious reader who has a unique ability to sift through an enormous body of knowledge and condense the critical information into a practical, fun and easy-to-understand presentation. She has been widely quoted in both Canadian and American publications, including being featured in Canadian Living. Her client list includes large corporations, school boards, parent groups, women's groups and professional associations (to see a partial client list, click here).

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